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The Destroyer trophy


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19 hours ago, WOLFHEARTGUY said:

So you need 3 extra controllers in order to get this trophy?

Well, you just need 3 opponents controlled by helpful humans. 


Maybe one person with 3 controllers can join you online, or three people..


The trophy is achievable in other ways of course, but my post was to show that it's possible to get it in under a minute rather than getting lucky with doing it in a normal Vs AI situation

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  • 2 years later...

Is there a glitch on this trophy on ps5 console?

Because in our boost group all players earned this trophy at first or second try except one person who is on ps5.

We did several, many many times for the ps5 player we did it for 2 hours.

He destroyed us in one hit also lots of time in 10 secs while we were in a queue with low healts lower than 10%, but no trophy for theirs.

I think it got bugged/glitched!

Anyone faced with a glitch like this?

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