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What PS5 Launch game will have the Easiest PLatinum? (Predictions)


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On 10/26/2020 at 11:08 PM, DividedByMankind said:

I would say miles morales, bugsnax and planet coaster ? for me i personally cant wait to plat demon souls, devil may cry 5 and cyberpunk on ps5 ?


And also Cyberpunk is also a launch title! 

This aged poorly lol.


That being said, my guess is Sackboy and MK11. Having just platinumed MK11 it was actually very easy to do, but Sackboy could end up surprising everyone.

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If Astros Playroom has a plat, that will be it.


I expect Sackboy to be not particularly difficult, but have one or two pain in the ass multiplayer or create trophies. 


The Dirt 5 list is out, and looks easy. Problem is that there is a trophy for driving 10,000 miles, which is going to be a 100+ hour grind after everything else is done.

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