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[VIDEO] Review - 2020's Hidden Gem?


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Hey guys so the review embargo has just been lifted and I've just posted my review of this game ?


Trophy-wise the game doesn't seem too bad. I've still got the top-quality rice and some floors of the 100-floor dungeon left, but from what I've seen from the game that's just a matter of time. The 100-floor dungeon is also very casual; if you die on one of the floors you simply respawn with full health to try again. All in all I hope the video review gives you the information you need if you're wondering whether to get this game or not!




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Very intrigued in this. Never heard it before the trophies popped up on here, but it looks like a very good mix and an interesting take on a few genres here!


16 minutes ago, aZombieDictator said:

Any missables? Just started. 

This is total speculation here, but judging by the list I don't think so? OP also mentioned towards the end of the video that it creates a save after you best the last boss, letting you clean up anything afterwards. So unless there is some one-time only place or something, hopefully the answer is no! Missables are the bane of my existence, after all ?

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On 11/10/2020 at 4:57 PM, aZombieDictator said:

Any missables? Just started. 

Nope - you can replay anything other than the tutorial and that doesn't have any items/trophies you can miss. And as Joe Dubz mentioned, after the last boss you are warped back to right before the final event and you can continue exploring & farming.

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Is this something that would require a comprehensive guide to complete, or do you think everything is organic and will unlock naturally through a playthrough? Really considering buying the game even though I'm busy lately.

Edit: Just read the comment above, my bad.

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