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I didn't turn Sean Hampton, now the district is at 36%. Have I screwed up the Not even Once trophy?


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I initially was going to turn him but didn't realise you had to unlock a hint to turn him (what a moronic thing to unlock as you're a vampire)

The district is now at 36%, 3 people are missing but no one is sick. I've read that they can still kill residents if they come near their place.

If I just leave them Be in their little area will I still get the trophy for 'Not even once'? 


I've been reading many different opinions that it WILL lock you out of getting the trophy and that it WON'T Lock you out of getting the trophy. I just can't believe that this is a trophy at all.

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For me everybody in that district was dead few were missing...but i got Not even once trophy since i didnt kill or embraced any citizens, but i had to start again to get all collectibles bc they were dead and their weapons were lost...i recommend to keep everybody healthy up to chapter 6 so u dont end up like me

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