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Skipping the Grind with coop


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OK so someone mentioned that it might be possible to get the designers delight trophy by joining the lobby of someone who has the trophy already.

i tested a little bit with a freidn and we found out that you can get the 100 gold brick tropy like this. all you need to do is join someone who has it and then someone has to get another gold brick and the trophy pops. doesnt matter who collects the extra brick.
has anyone tested this for other trophies?
this could reduce the platinum time to half if its possible to team up and one grinds the money and the other on ethe bricks and then trade the trophies.

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On 12.2.2021 at 5:11 PM, BoxerJack said:

what's the method for designers delight split screen? 

it just autopops. you need a savefile that has everything for the trophy and use it as player 1 and when you add someone in splitscreen that acc autopops the trophy.

for the goldbricks you in splitscreen or i think also online all you need to do is to collect another brick. and all of the trophies also autopop

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