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PS5 backwards compatibility


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1 minute ago, Mostwantedtbest said:

Can someone explain how the backwards compatibility works for the PS5, trophy wise? I heard stuff like if you play a PS4 game on a PS5 and then that same game on the PS4, it will count as two different trophies. Is this true because I also heard that it doesn't work like that.

If it's PS4 version then no, it will be same trophy list. If game has PS5 version, then it will have a separate trophy list on PS5.

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Unlike XBOX, some games PS calls  an 'upgrade' but is in fact a totally separate game. IE. Buying the Mortal Kombat Ultimate edition on PS4 has all the DLC and a free 'upgrade' to PS5. The PS5 version just has the base game. 

So in effect, one version can have less/more/same than the other and it will also have a separate trophy list. 

I find the easiest way to see if it has multiple trophy lists is to search the game on trophy list websites and it will usuall say "XXX" (ps3) "xxx"(ps4) "xxx(ps5) etc

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