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Survivalist Glitch - Solution


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Hey there future trophy hunter! If you're reading this then you, like me, hit a speedbump with this trophy. In my case I think I started over or reset the current playthough or something, regardless after I crafted all the items it didn't pop. 


I deleted the game, redownloaded did it all over, still no pop. Then I had a think, I bet this is due to some fucky lazy programming since the whole game is kinda shit.


So for the 3rd or 4th time I did all of the crafting recipes and it didn't pop like I expected. My was to redo all of the weapon recipes even though I had already popped that trophy. This was the fix for me, in the same run after I crafted all the items, I had to craft all the weapons again also and after the last weapon craft I got the trophy. 

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I ran into this glitch and there is a much quicker solution - you absolutely do NOT need to craft the weapons again. The trophy seems to only trigger after you complete another trophy requirement, such as the aforementioned weapon crafting, but in my case it was the minifun trophy. To that end, leave the minifun trophy until last.

You can find the minifun by flying over the map with the Valentino mutator and looking for the dropping crates. It's random as to whether the crate will have the weapon but it won't take long before you get it. The Valentino mutator from the Payday DLC. If you don't have that mutator for whatever reason then just use any mutator that will help you fly. 

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