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Siege doesn't appear on my PS5 menu

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Hi, so I've got the disc version of Siege and after inserting the disc, I've had a series of peculiarities that I can't get around.


1. Once I insert the disc, the PS4 version does not appear on my PS5 dashboard.


2. As I can't get the upgrade from here, I navigate to the PS store and find the Siege icon. I click it and it says "Can't find what you're looking for.", Error CE-112908-1


3. I search for Siege in the store and I can then access the store page. I've redeemed the disc upgrade version and downloaded it.


4. After downloading the PS5 version and also installing the PS4 version, neither appear on my PS5 home screen.


5. I navigate to the storage section of the settings and I can see both installed, collectively taking up 100+GB.


6. I switch to my Japanese account (To redeem DLC for imports), and I can launch and play both versions on my Japanese account.


7. I can temporarily access this game by clicking the notification that the game has finished installing in the notification menu, however the notification disappears after I do this, so in order to play the game, I'd have to reinstall it EVERY TIME I play it to have that notification reppear.


What is going on here? Why can't my Australian account access this game?

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