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1.19v randomly freezes when going to inventory/map/quest log

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Is it common for the game to freeze when going to any in game menu? I'm playing it for maybe 4-5 hours now and it happened twice, and since it's long platinum I'd like to know about any kind of issues sooner than later so I can make my decision whether go for the trophy or not. 

/Edit: I should add what type of freeze I'm talking about, just in case. It prevents me from doing anything in game - can't switch to other menu, can't back out to gameplay, can't move around when frozen on map screen, music for some reason plays until the end of the song it played before freeze. Only thing I can do is to close the app. 


Playing on PS4 FAT with ssd installed (no problems in other games, so I don't think my ssd is the problem), digital version. Console works normally with other games. 


Asking here because wasn't able to find any related threads. Thanks in advance. 

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No, but I didn't play 5 hours in a raw. The most annoying thing that happened to me was going to shop but the menu didn't load, Henry was all black or doing aT-pose, I couldn't buy or sell anything. The solution was to quit the menu and talk to the npc hoping it doesn't happen the same again.

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