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32 minutes ago, Romikot84 said:

How is this game compared to SMB?



I'm assuming you mean Super Meat Boy right? Crash 4 is not even close to SMB when it comes to difficulty. I platted Crash 4 with just about 60 hours and then went on to play SMB on my alternate account and got my ass handed to me lmao. Crash 4 makes you do no death runs for single stages unlike SMB which wants you to do 20 levels without dying a row. Granted SMB levels are much shorter but they are also harder.


This game is much more forgiving and takes a lot less practice plus I found the platinum relics fun as your practice pays off pretty quickly. SMB was just an unfun and seriously stressed filled time imo. 

Give crash 4 a try if you are looking for a challenging game that doesn't severely punish your for the littlest mistakes.

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