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Ornithology Trophy Bugged


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I am fairly certain the Ornithology Trophy is bugged, at least on the PS5 version.  I have 17 Visual Customizations of Phosphor but only 16 "skins".  The skin I am missing is Tarnished Phosphor.  Which is supposed to be obtained during the Athena quest line, which I have completed.  I have the visual customization Tarnished Phosphor.  I have done some digging & apparently this has been confirmed by others.  It also sounds like the only fix at the moment is to start a new game from scratch and re-obtain all the Phosphor variants.  I have not confirmed this next bit but others are stating that in NG+ Athena's quest line will only give you 2 Charon coins instead of the skin when you complete the dungeon you would normally get Tarnished Phosphor.


So, when doing Athena's questline for the first time I recommend doing a manual save before you enter the Vault where you fight Cerberus. If you don't get both the skin & the visual Tarnished Phosphor reload & try again.

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I found it on Ubisoft form.  this is the thread i found it on:




also here on Reddit:



First off the trophy calls for all 17 "Skins" of Phosphor, I am pretty sure they DON'T mean the Visual Customizations of Phosphor, but rather the actual different Phosphor types that have the different attributes.  For me I am missing the actual Phosphor type Tarnished Phosphor that you receive in the Vault after defeating Hound of Hades Legendary Cerberus.  I did this story quest & I defeated Cerberus & I have gotten the Visual Customization of Tarnished Phosphor but not the actual form that has the perks.


Hope that helps

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