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Trophy Thoughts?

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Game is up on PSN. $24.99 for the PS5 version of the game.


The PS4 version is still sold separate at $9.99. Both have identical trophy lists.


Received fairly poor reviews on PS4 due to the AI being horrible and the physics of the game being a little messed up. If anyone gets this, would be nice to know if the issues still exist or not. If AI is still horrible, difficulty is about a 2/10 and the time to complete is about 10 hours due to having to pot 1000 balls (which was glitchy for some on PS4).


I'll probably wait for this to get way down in price. I but the bullet on Renzo Racer when it came out for 24.99 and it was horrible.

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I just got this for cheap at my local game store because the jacket was misprinted. The side of the case says "Panda Hero Remastered" with a billiard ball clearly visible. The front of the case displays the correct title. I wanted to give it a nice home.

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