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Forza Motorsport 4 Collector's Edition Announced


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Forza 4 will be getting a Limited Collector's Edition it seems.


Looks like some pretty cool stuff will be included in this. Sites are reporting it will cost $79.99 (USD) but Turn10 hasn't confirmed anything yet. I hate the way Turn10 handles DLC though, seeing as some people won't get access to all the cars because they don't, or can't, pre-order the Limited Edition. I much prefer the way GT5 handled it, everyone could get the cars, but the people who pre-ordered got special editions (Stealth) versions of the car.

Either way, I know what I'll be playing come October 11th.


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That's sexy! What makes it better is that one of the pre-order cars, the 1965 Mustang GT, is actually a car I own!

Nice! I'm looking for a good deal on an old Challenger or Charger (Mopar fan, here) but I love the late 60's and early to mid 70's Mustangs. Any pictures of your car? I'd love to see it.


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