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Base game + Forsaken DLC enough to get all trophies?


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I got the platinum trophy for Destiny 2 years ago on PS4 and am now looking at filling out the rest of the trophies on PS5 for 100% after the succesful autopop. 
I never played Forsaken at all, I am just wondering if I was to purchase the Forsaken DLC would that be enough for the 100% or will I need to get the current up to date content?

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Just Forsaken is enough, anything past that doesn't have any PS trophies, only in-game seals and triumphs. A few trophies should retroactively autopop as soon as you login after purchasing Forsaken (like earning 5000 Triumph score).

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I did it when Forsaken launched, but I see no reason to not being able to get 100%. Forsaken alone should be enough, but someone will correct me if Im wrong.


About the Seal trophy, you need a Seal from that DLC, the easiest are Dredgen and the one from Dreaming City.

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