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How to platinum quickly?


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Hi all,


I've seen a few people have got the plat for this within a couple weeks of starting and I was wondering if there is a method to use to power through it?


I'm not against using exploits or cheats (acceptable to this site's code of conduct), I just want to get it off the PS3 docket....


Thanks for any help!

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My grinding spot early on was the Alchemical Laboratory, using my Huntress to try and get a high level Soul Focuser (I got a 103 and 106).


After that, the best grinding spot is probably Glitterhelm, but some people swear by Ramparts.


If you're able to use multiple controllers, you'll earn XP for all the characters as well as get end-level rewards (weapons) for each. If you're savvy enough to set up the GoneSpy server method, you can use it to invite people to play.


For easy XP and high level armor, play the first wave of Mistymire Forest (DLC map) without building any defenses (best with Huntress and Apprentice) and wait until the beginning of the 2nd round to open the chests for armor.


Oh, I just remembered my buddy @Hitman did an entire playlist for every map on DunDef back when we played every day. His builds are very similar to mine, so there's not much I can add to the strategy.



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