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Desperate Escape Professional Tips


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7 hours ago, totallycrushed said:

Just stand at this part of the level and do nothing for easy finale!


I wanted to beat it legit but I did go to that spot cause I thought it was a good place to camp. It never did glitch out for me though, the enemies kept coming. Must've been standing at the wrong spot or something.


I ended up using the inside of the storage room instead, honestly it wasn't too hard. I had like 200 machine gun ammo, 18 magnum bullets, 60 shotgun shells, 6 grenades, 6 decoys and 100 handgun ammo to start. Didn't even use half of those items. Woulda helped if I had healing instead of handgun ammo but managed to pass it after like 5 tries after i started using the storage room. 


And I was actually referring to the first area for the ladder camping.

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