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How do I quit playing this thing (and find a tile-matching game w/ trophy?)

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Ok, thing is i got hooked on this freeware thingy i came across. I even bought the infinite dig.
It's quirky, simple and perfect for wasting time and putting brain on idle ;D Problem is.. it has no platinum trophy!!!

Ok i know it might sound stupid but i feel a little guilty in wasting so much time without even aiming for a new platinum, i wish i could find a similar game with an attainable trophy.
I already have PuyoPuyo Tetris, Puyo Champion, Lumines Electronic Symphony, Lumines Remastered and Tetris Ultimate but all of them have trophies that are kind of super impossible to get.
The only tile matching game i could obtain i think is Metropolis Lux Obscura.

Any tips for a no brainer tile matching game?
Thanks in advance

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it is a fun game, just got back to it today after leaving it for so many years! I am aiming to complete the rest of the trophies except the ad-hoc ..

as for your question,  I don't think there is a puzzle game with platinum trophy

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