So what's the deal with this game? (Jukebox Hero)

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So this game is on sale until tomorrow 31/03/2021.

But I'm looking at other forums posts and it seems like hatching eggs? (I haven't played the game so out of context I have no idea what this entails).

But looking at Playstation/Steam/Achievement forums it sounded like a patch was on the way and looking at the recent achievers' list there was someone who got the achievement in December last year (which admittedly is a while ago now).


So if this Trophy actually doable now and just nobody is playing the game anymore or is it just luck of the draw and a few select people are able to get it (possible testers or developers of the game)

I might still buy it anyways just because it looks fun and there are still a lot of Gold Trophies even if I can't get the Platinum.


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The last I heard (which was a couple of years back), this trophy was impossible to get legit and the devs had given up trying to patch it because the game was based on old tech they no longer had a license for.

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