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A la carte & getting a little on the side PS5


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So, I got the platinum this game on ps4, but I am now doing it again on ps5 (with a new character).


I just did a la carte (20 side missions), but when I check my progress for a little on the side via the ps5 trophy menu it says I have only completed 16/72 (see Here)

In game it shows as 20 side missions complete as well (on misc challenges)


Am I worrying over nothing?  Is it potentially bugged? Or is there a valid reason why only 16 of the 20 side quest I have completed so far count (do DLC side missions count for one but not the other)?

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I had the same thing happen...counting seems to be off for a lot of the achievements.... my side missions didn't actually pop till I hit 23. I am currently doing the Bounty of Blood DLC and it isn't tracking anything... all my stats are showing as zero even though I have completed side mssions etc...

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