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Hello all


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My name is Robert, I’m an Irish gamer who sporadically collects platinums, seemingly only easy ones from looking at my trophy list lol. Been using the website for quite some time but never engaged with the community so I am deciding to do so now. 


Now I’m finished with college I do plan to get through my backlog of PS4 and Vita games. I’ve got a lot to get through but I’m looking forward to doing it. I suppose my laziness gets in the way of earning platinums mostly.


I’m curious, is there a forum topic or subtopic that allows for posting about platinums we earn? Would like to talk to the community on how I’m doing with my games and maybe make some forum friends while I’m at it.

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Hello mate, welcome! ?


Congrats on finishing up college ?


Yes, there are absolutely forums for posting about platinums you earn - 


The main ones are probably these two:



for platinum and non-platinum games respectively, which some folks use for everything from posting a quick update about their latest S-Rank, to posting full reviews of them and everything in-between.


Some folks prefer to do their own updates about their latest games in their status updates too - which can allow a bit of discussion - though they are bit more ephemeral, given that they are less easy for folks to find after some time has passed.


Alternatively, if you are looking to get into more discussion around the games you are working on, there are loads of threads in the individual games forums - obviously - or you could start a Trophy Checklist in this spot:




Where folks create their own little spaces for others to follow along, and they take whatever form the creator wants really!


Some are a list of their own reviews, some are checklists of past and future gaming, some are game rankings, some are almost like blogs... if you have a look around some folks checklists there you'll get the idea ☺️

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