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Amazon gives Sonic 1 for Android out for free

Lady Lilith

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Hey, not all Black Friday deals make you stand in line with a super violent mob of soccer moms, at least not when you are dealing with Amazon. The online store giant really wants you to buy Android applications through them instead of Google Play Store and to show how much they want your business they are giving a slew of Android games for free. Usually the lists are full of stuff like Fruit Ninjas and some revision of Angry Birds(they’re still there) but this time they also added Sonic the Hedgehog for free.

Now you have something to be thankful for, free Hedgehog action.

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I don't have an Android, but even if I did, I probably wouldn't download it. Simply because I have so many versions of Sonic 1 as it is.


Original Mega Drive Version

Sonic Mega Collection

Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection

PSN Downloadable

Sonic Generations


I wouldn't need another version of it...

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