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A Special Thanks To My Boosting Team!

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A Special Thanks To:
:platinum: Lijon88
:platinum: Darknesskey92
:platinum: JR7523
:platinum: Feinars
:platinum: Ez187
:platinum: frEr0ck
:platinum: Sisik2205
:platinum: Diddle666
:platinum: LENNUJ666
:platinum: dan_the_man25
:platinum: squidderz


If I Forgot Someone Let Me Know!

Thanks for being patient, commited and being awesome in general! I really hope I see you around in other games aswell :)


- Praeditos

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I know that Goro! :)

But some of the guys on that list helped me out with trophies even after they completed the trophies for themself. So since I`m new to trophy hunting and all, and found myself unable to help them back (Due to lack of games - I of course returned the favor for others in that specific game) I really don`t mind mind taking two minutes of my time to show my gratitude to those guys somehow. And I thought this was a good way of doing that. If this annoys someone, I`m really sorry for that even though I feel you meant that more as a friendly advice to save me time :P


- Praeditos

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