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Shocking Trophy

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How does this Trophy work? i played my first playthrought in coop as not host so i couldnt get that trophy. Now i am in a solo playthrought for that trophy but i struggle to get it. does it have to be 5 birds with a single shockfruit? that seems impossible to me. at least without the upgrade. do i now really have to go throught all the science steps again to upgrade the shockfruit to be able to do this? or is there anything else?


Edit: Ok for everyone who comes after me. you DO need that upgrade. without it i couldnt hit more than 3 enemies with it and with the upgrade it was first try hitting 5. Keep in mind that you need to need to reach scienes level 4 which also rquieres you to Scan 75% of the World to get that upgrade

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