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Beware of some of these bugs!! (Potentially Spoilers)


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Game is a lot of fun, a great adventure, VERY unique, but it's not free of bugs!


There is a bug you'll run into every few hours where it'll crash with a long error message when you are painting or using the fill tool. These bugs were at first not game breaking except when it occurred during the __final boss fight__!


((I believe the game was crashing because there were just too many "paint particles" on the screen interacting with one another from too many sources.))


In the final boss fight, in order to get past the bug, I:

  • Switched my main character to the most SIMPLE brush and never switched to any other brush or fill tool during the fight.
  • Also put on a more simple outfit (doubt this helped).
  • Tried to reduce the amount of times I attacked during the final fight and only attacked when I NEEDED TO instead of button mashing.
  • Didn't attack at all if there were "other attacks" flying around the screen.
  • If the final boss' shield was up, I also did not attempt any attacks (why attack someone who is invulnerable?).
  • Lastly, I turned reaction time down to 50% in the Settings Menu to see if that could help (not sure if that helped).


That combination WORKED for me. Before that it had crashed over and over halfway through the boss fight.


One last BUG I discovered that if I didn't have a cloud save or USB save I woulda been in some major pain: If exploring Grub Deeps, and you get past the pyramid-shaped shell crab in south-east corner, be very careful of exploring that area. I ended up getting up onto a ledge on the right side and jumped through the screen. When I "jumped through the right side of the screen" I was suddenly fighting the Chapter 3 (maybe it was 4?) boss and it was bugged and I couldn't beat them so I had to turn on Boss Skip in Settings. When I turned on boss skip and I skipped the bugged fight it teleported me from the post-game to Chapter 5, back in time! Totally broke the game! Luckily I had a backup save in PS+ Cloud Storage.


Despite these things, totally a recommended game. Really unique experience if you like coloring books. :)

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Loving the game so far, but the bugs are a pain... ran into one myself at the 2nd chapter's boss, the fight just would not start no matter what I did and eventually I had to just use the skip boss fight feature (since you can't go back to the start in a boss fight).


Also the background music seems to just disappear a lot of the time, unless it's supposed to be this way?


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