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Considering to play as Coop with buddy


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Hi there,

a friend of mine and me, we are looking for a new Coop-Game to play.

Bloodborne does have such a function but can anybody tell us about the experience?

Is it worth it to try? i mean, there is a bell to use and so someone can join but is it just a quick support or do both enjoy playing whole story together and both gaining trophies?

Thank you in advance for sharing your experience.
Have a nice day, dudes

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I'm pretty sure in bloodborne you will both have to defeat the bosses in your own lobbies so you will have to do them all twice.  I'm assuming you can play through the levels together for the 1st timer but not sure if you have to play through the entire level gain for player 2 or just do the boss fight a 2nd time.  You literally my have to play each level twice to keep your progression the same place in the game.  TBH it's kind of a pain in the ass to play these types of games all the way through in co-op they imo are best experienced solo and maybe summon in some help if you're getting your ass handed to you.  Pretty sure shortcuts won't save in your game if opened in a friends lobby and vice versa.  So probably going to have to play through  the levels twice.  playing the game in co-op with someone who is ahead of you in progression not so bad but the way you are talking about doing it you are gonna go through some shit.  


This is a magnificent game though so i'd experience it sooner or later regardless.  The bloodborne community is great if you need help just ring your bell and it won't be long until someone comes in and slays the boss for you but i'd recommend trying to beat them all on your own because that is the entire point.  You can also farm souls and over level some but it takes a long time so it's best to memorize patterns and go from there.   

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I wouldn't recommend it.


After you kill a boss, coop play ends, and then you have to play, and keep playing all on your own, until you encounter another boss, and only then can you invire your friend again. This is of course no mean feat, since you will be getting killed by normal enemies.


Not only that, I think you need to kill the first boss to get the ability to summon a person to your game using a bell.

Yes like steel6burgh says, once the joining player goes back to their game, they will keep the exp and blood echoes but only progress happens in host game, so you'll need to do the same boss again but for the other person.


When I played with my mate he summoned me and then we spent about 30 mins just having fun killing all the enemies in the area, before going for the boss. But he got bored of it fast, because of all the "Hold on, let me just get too where I need to be, to be summoned", and then he died a few times too.


I'll say it again, I wouldn't recommend it. Not that it isn't a fun or satisfying game, but you'll spend 75% of the time on single player and lot of faffing around trying to get each other in your own game, while just talking with each on party chat.


Also if one if you dies, well it's back to the drawing board and having to reconnect again.

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Thank you so much so all your ansers.

I expected something like that, so that's where my question came from.
On one hand it is a pity, because my mate and me, we are looking for nice coop campaingn games, but on the other hand these soul games are known for their solo atmosphere, which leaves someone constantly frighened and terrorised.

As i said, thank you! We're not gonna try it

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