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Easier method to get "game over" trophy.


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Also, you can cause as much of an alarm as you want after you get the prompt from eavesdropping that Greyendar mentioned. Once you have that — Colt will note it in his log — you’re free to wipe out everybody in the building besides Charlie (he’ll run away anyway), then collect the batteries, put them in the rocket, and “launch” the rocket in peace. Then you can kill Charlie, and it’ll pop.


If you still need the “fried by a rocket” death for the other trophy, don’t forget to run to the top floor immediately after activating the rocket and reprise there before killing Charlie just to knock that off your list. 

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As long as you eavesdrop on the conversation between 2 eternalits on the floor beneath 2-bit in the first instance (this is what unlocks the 2-bit conversation prompt, if you're stuck) it doesn't matter how loud you go from there. Charlie only starts zipping around if you try to access his bunker after being detected, but if you never get there, he'll be on the top floor. 

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So I may have used some sort of exploit here. I fired off the rocket when Charlie had already made it into his bunker, so it didn't kill him. But then I flushed him out, as always and blasted him in the face. The trophy popped. I think the game may register the 2-Bit command and his death as having fulfilled the requirements, even if it doesn't actually work as intended.


This also happened with another trophy: Violent Delights. I just drown them both and that counted. And yet, when I used Nexus and shoot one of them in the head, it did not count lol.

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