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Gota's Brief Blogs: Here's to 2013.


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So, there goes another year, ladies and gentlemen. And let me say this: I never really got my head wrapped around the concept that we're in the year 2013; my mind lost its ability to instinctively tell the date sometime during college. It's too late for me to grasp it now, for it's already gone. I still think it's 2010, or thereabouts. The years are flying by so rapidly as each year becomes less and less significant to my life as a whole. For some it was their 90th year on this weird planet of ours, for many it was their first and for many more it was just another year; nothing remarkable on a personal level, and nothing of any real note occurring. Personally, it was my 23rd year on this planet and it was a funny old year for me; it flew by at a toxic speed, but I manged to fit a lot into the 365 days allotted to me. In the grand scheme of things, as in things not pertaining to my little individual life, I would dare say that 2013 was a pivotal year in history, and one that'll be spoken about for eons.  


Okay, that might seem like the claim of a mad Irish bastard (which is something I've never denied being) but hold on a minute - let me explain my madness. Firstly, since I'm writing on a gaming website, it seems only fitting to discuss 2013 in terms of the games and consoles of the year. I think I'll start with this: Fuck me what a year. What a fucking year. Honestly, I would consider myself a haggard, shrewd and experienced gamer at this stage, and I've never known a single calender year to be packed with such brilliance. It's rather bizarre that in the era of perhaps the most extreme global economic recession in human history, an industry once seen as the bane of society is thriving. The gaming industry is going through its golden days whilst the other sections of the world are going through their darkest. 


Let's just have a short roll-call of some of the games that dropped this year: The Last of Us, BioShock: Infinite, Tomb Raider, Beyond: Two Souls, Grand Theft Auto V, Ni No Kuni and the latest sequels in franchises such as Battlefield, Resident Evil, Dead Space and others. I'm definitely missing out on even more stellar games, but that in of itself proves the point I'm trying to make: 2013 is arguably the finest year in gaming history. 



"It's not fair... Why can't they all win GOTY?!"


The budget and overall polish of some of these games is borderline scary for someone whose favourite game used to be Tetris. A prime example would be Grand Theft Auto V: It cost over $200 million to develop over the course of five years, and hundreds upon hundreds of people collaborated in creating its visceral, beautiful world. Now, you'd think that with that insane amount of expenditure it would take a certain amount of time to recoup the profound losses, and then eventually sweet profit would begin to pile up. No, Grand Theft Auto V made a billion dollars in a day. IN A FUCKING DAY. It is now the single biggest-selling entertainment medium to ever grace the earth. That is huge, and a real testament to just how lucrative the gaming industry has become, whilst also being indicative of how the video games industry's place in modern society has changed immensely in the past decade.


And if the games themselves weren't enough, 2013 also marked the debut of the newest generation of consoles: The PS4 and the Xbone Xbox One. In a way, I'm very disappointed that the PS4 was released just as the PS3 was well and truly in its stride; it's like shooting down a lion just before it's about to catch a gazelle. Although, my experience has taught me that that's just the way of the world; everything has its moment in the sun and when the sun sets, it's time to move on. No one likes anything or anyone hanging around long past their welcome, just look at Gene Simmons, or The Rolling Stones. Only time will tell if the PS4 and Xbone Xbox One will live up to their predecessors, but if the industry continues to have an insane amount of money circling it, and if creative freedom is used to its full extent in conjunction with ever-more powerful technology, then you can't help but be excited at the prospect of the future. However, when it's all said and done, the release of the newest consoles is just another notch on 2013's bedpost. 



Welcome to Rockstar.


So, what did you guys think of 2013? Any fond gaming memories from this year? How do you think it'll be remembered? Lastly, what will 2014 have in store?


Dr_Mayus' End of Year Awards


Thanks for reading.


Roll on the gaming!



Note: I want to write a long article based on the biggest news events of the year, but thought it might be a little heavy, so I wrote a short one on gaming instead. I might write one up if enough people are fucking arsed to read it, so let me know if you'd care for such a thing. 

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It was a good year in gaming but I don't think it was the finest (2010 still holds that for me). Also for those who want to vote for their fav/least fav moments in gaming you can go here https://psnprofiles.com/forums/topic/11634-dr-mayus-year-end-awards-2013/ :ninja: (thanks for the bump Gota)


2010 was a brilliant year, no question, but for me 2013 just pinches it as the best year for games. That's just my personal opinion of course. And I've added a link to your thread in the OP, since I'm a pleasant bastard. :P 

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2013 For Gaming was a brilliant year !


For me personally it was an eye opening year , 2012 was a terrible year for me so it was without a doubt better :)


awesome article and here's to 2014 ! may everyone be happy !


I also had a horrible 2012, so 2013 was a marked improvement. 


Nicely written Gota. Without a doubt this year should be remembered as a very important one in gaming history.


Thank you, Sir. It was indeed a huge year for gaming. 

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