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Level 59 is such B.S.


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19 hours ago, Not_Too_Sweet said:

I swear. there is no difference with this alarm clock at all. It feels like only one off your stuff actually works.

Level 60 was even worse. I agree on the power ups. Really not sure what they did. I have no idea how anyone did this in an hour, last 2 levels both took me over an hour to clear. I feel like I missed a trick somewhere, because this was much harder and more annoying than I feel like it should have been.

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12 hours ago, LilJayR4- said:

i agree. this plat at the later stages: the reason its tough. one ur confused cuz its so similar. not enough time. and it makes the noise even when ur 12/12 so ur doing the same one even tho u completed it

Honestly, I just muted the music and just listened to a bunch of youtube channels.

I also the other game Mia's Picnic is just as bad. Ugh, no thank you.

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