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Is there an Xbox version of this site?


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As someone who's tried to shop around and find different communities, unfortunately there really is no true Xbox equivalent to this site.

Funny enough, if you type 'xblprofiles.com' into your search bar it redirects to this site, so I think Sly Ripper had considered a Xbox-centric version of this site at one point. But no, none that I'm aware of. If you find one, let me know.

Edit based on a good point from the person below: TrueAchievements is an excellent site worth checking out. Never gave me that PSNP feel, but you might find it different.

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18 minutes ago, Chap904 said:

I love this site but thinking of buying an Xbox next (don't judge), but I can't seem to find a good site similar to this for the Xbox, any good recommendations? 


If you just want tracking stats with visuals - Exophase and Trueachievements are decent enough. Community-wise, i'm not so sure, although the latter is pretty solid from my experience.

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