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Guide for 100% with spoilers hidden


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After struggling to find a few things in the game, i found a lot of useful information in the Discord-channel of the developers. To make getting the platinum trophy easier for fellow trophy-hunters here are some tips to most of the trophies.


The secret trophies


The Bloodcoral Captain, The Broken Legend, The Amber Walker and The Golden Visionary

are all unmissable, story related.

The secret trophies


Mephisto's Legacy and True Justice

are also story related so unmissable but


since you'll have to make a choice of "yes" or "no" during the final fight and these trophies are connected to your choice you'll have to complete that final fight twice with different choices to get both trophies.


There are 3 side quest trophies, those are missable:

The trophy - Old White Wife's Tale - connected to completing the "A Wedding in White" side quest: 


this quest can only be found and completed by a male character. The quest is given to you by 3 female NPC's in white dresses on the beach of the Shipyard District where you fought Christiaan Huygens. After the boss fight, leave and reenter the area to make them spawn.

The trophy - Keep your Head - connected to completing the "A Song Stuck in my Head" side quest:


this quest can only be found and completed by a female character. The quest is given to you by an NPC who can be found right after entering the City Center, to the left, in a small dead-end alley.

The trophy - Skin and Smoke - connected to completing the "Down the well" side quest:


this isn't gender-specific; you get this quest by talking to someone behind a door with a lamp in the Shipyard District, in the north-western corner of the area.


Master of Alchemy trophy is simple, you'll get this without problem after understanding the fight system and learning at least one ability - that applies humours on the foes - with each humour type.


The playthrough trophies:

Darkest Legend is self-explanatory: beat the game on hard.

It seems that some people had problem with the Bite through the Pain trophy. I started my playthrough on hard and never used any of the Quarter Trees and got both trophies (Darkest Legend and Bite through the Pain) after the last fight, so I had no problem there, but it seems that if you try to do this on your New Game + playthrough, after beating the game in a run during which you used a Quarter Tree, it may never pop. It seems to me that starting a game and then continuing that same game always by choosing the NG+ after the last fight, it's considered to be one playthrough. At least that's how it seems to work with the trophies of the collectibles and Cultist Cleanup, explained in a bit.

Cultist Cleanup trophy: another problematic trophy for some. I got this during my first NG+, while i was cleaning the


Graveyard District.

During my first - hard - run, i didn't care to beat every encounter in every district, but probably did most of them, because i was grinding to strengthen my team. On my NG+ run - for which i chose easy difficulty (you can change the difficulty every time when starting a NG+) - i haven't even unlocked the


Slums District

yet when this trophy popped after beating an enemy encounter in the


Graveyard District.

The trophies regarding collectibles:

Weapon Collector: Highly missable trophy. There are 64 weapons in the game (shields are considered to be weapons). Here is the full list in alphabetical order (credits to willianmarques and Naphanael for the comprehensive list):



1. Balestrino
2. Bardiche
3. Behearsking
4. Bhuj
5. Bloodcoral Blade
6. Bowgun (can be bought from the blacksmith after completing the "Pulling the Strings" quest for him)
7. Bruchius (The sword of the NPC called Stella; need to complete the quest given by her father in the Harbour District. After the last fight of this quest you may accept her into your team, thus her sword becomes yours; if you rather choose the send her to the barracks and take her equipment, this sword won't show up in your inventory, despite it should. In this case you need to add her to your team at the Merchant Guild so you get her sword.)
8. Cavalry Sword
9. Cinqueda
10. Claymore
11. Colichemarde
12. Corseque
13. Cutlass
14. Dane axe
15. Double String
16. Flamberge
17. Flintlock rifle
18. Gilded Dragon
19. Guisarme
20. Guldendag
21. Gunshield
22. Hand Cannon
23. Handaxe
24. Ivory portrait
25. Katzbalger
26. Kilij
27. Knife
28. Labrys
29. Lantern Shield
30. Laste Verse
31. Light Crossbow
32. Lindenboom
33. Lock Pistol
34. Longsword
35. Lucerne
36. Mercy Stroke
37. Nemesis
38. Nine Songs
39. Parashu
40. Partisan
41. Pavise
42. Quadpipe
43. Ring Dagger
44. Ritual stiletto
45. Rosario
46. Royal guard
47. Sabre
48. Schiavona
49. Sieglinde (in the chest in the Brewery; only 1 chest here, don't look for more)
50. Steel Blunderbus
51. Steel Greatsword
52. Steel Halberd
53. Steel Rapier (can be bought from the blacksmith)
54. Steel Spear
55. Sword Breaker
56. Trident Dagger
57. Triple barrel
58. Ulfsark
59. Wallarmbrust
60. Wheel Crossbow
61. Wheellock musket
62. Wheellock pistol
63. White Death (chest in the Citadel; chest is on the carriage; only 1 chest here, don't look for more)
64. Wooden Shield

These weapons are found in chests throughout the game, dropped by bosses and NPC's upon killing them or completing their quests, and bought from the blacksmith. There is a weapon (Gunshield) that can only be acquiered if you open a chest - wooden slipper inside - at the very beginning of the game. This chest is on the bridge leading up to the gates of Grant (the name of the city the game happens in). You need to not skip the tutorials - leave the little checkbox in the upper right corner of the screen during the startup empty - otherwise you'll start your game in the Merchant Guild, and you won't have access to the bridge anymore. On the bridge, instead of going toward the gates, head back a bit, the chest is on your right if you're facing the gates. If this wooden slipper is with you when you enter the Citadel during the end-game, a foe named Johnny appears in the garden of the palace, the Gunshield is dropped by him.
All in all, every weapon can be found if you're thorough, just make sure you check every dark corner and narrow passage for chests, complete every quest at least once and kill every boss and quest NPC that you have to anyway, and don't forget to pick up the loot they drop. This trophy popped for me near the end of my 3rd NG+ after picking up the weapon in the Citadel. My 3rd NG+ took about 90 minutes - you can avoid most of the enemy encounters, you just have to outmaneuver their movement by not walking into their red outlined vision cone, which is possible most of the times. There are a few fights that are unavoidable, but those won't take much time if you use the Platebreaker ability of the Doppelsoldner class - this ability kills most foes in one hit by that time.



The Earlier Fashion:
Every armor that can be found in the game (credits to willianmarques for the comprehensive list):


1. Alchemist Armour I
2. Alchemist Armour II
3. Alchemist Armour III
4. Conqueror Armour I
5. Conqueror Armour II
6. Conqueror Armour III
7. Dawnwatch Attire I
8. Dawnwatch Attire II
9. Dawnwatch Attire III
10. Duelist attire I
11. Duelist attire II
12. Duelist attire III
13. Guard Armour I
14. Guard Armour II
15. Guard Armour III
16. Leather tunic I
17. Leather tunic II
18. Leather tunic III
19. Medium breastplate I
20. Medium breastplate II
21. Medium breastplate III
22. Nightwatch Attire I
23. Nightwatch Attire II
24. Nightwatch Attire III
25. Bloodcoral Captain’s Coat
26. White Dress
27. Robes of the Amber Walker
28. Broken Legend Armour
29. Visionary Armour
30. Halewijn Cuirass
31. Sewer Rat Tunic
Nothing special here, just make sure you're thorough, these are found similarly to the weapons, as explained above.


Unfortunately there are a huge amount of bugs in this game, even after 5 patches; some of them can ruin your save game or even corrupt some files needed for running the game - this latter happened to me once, i don't know what triggered it, couldn't reproduce it although i tried (played on PS5). My main advice regarding this: save often into a new file, especially during your hard playthrough, and occasionally upload into cloud or copy to USB.
Some not so serious but inconvenient bugs:


During the last fight of the "A Song Stuck in my Head" side quest against the singing guy in the Commoner District: if you kill him while any of your mercenaries are under his spell (can't recall the name of the status effect, but it results in your mercenary fighting against you for at least one turn), the fight - and the last turn - won't end, you'll need to reload the last save.
Might be it's not a bug but still: happened during my second fight against Grand Piers that although i reduced his HP to 0 - at least it seemed that way - with class abilities, he kept attacking and killing the members of my team; i could only finish him by using a catalysing attack against him. In another run i reduced his HP with a catalysing strike, despite that he killed a member of my team, and only died after the second or third catalysing hit.

If at the end of any fight one of your team members is standing on top of a box on which there is loot dropped by an enemy and which you want to pick up: if you climb up on to that box you might get stuck in your team-mate and never be able to move again and need to reload - in this case rather ignore the drop, don't climb up for it, common enemies don't drop anything that others don't anyway.

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Nice! I was planning to write a guide myself, just finished my NG+ and, indeed, Bite through the Pain didn't unlock for me. I wasn't sure if that's because the trophy doesn't work as intended and you have to do it on normal, or because the information of using a tree is peristent across ng+ cycles as you pointed out. Well, back to the very beginning for me, but the end is in sight! And thanks to @willianmarques and @Slate_M, both of which were so kind to share their knowledge with me :) 

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