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Abyss track


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27 minutes ago, riku1274 said:

Is it just me or does Abyss have an unbelievably high difficulty jump. I can’t stay on the top track and when I fall to the bottom I go from first to last in a few seconds. What am I doing wrong?

there's a glitch that lets you obliterate every track 1st within 5 seconds of starting a race, so using that might help but if you'd prefer to do it legit, look on youtube for either. 

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I had the same issue, cruised through all races to that point but this one had a huge spike.


I made sure to upgrade my handling to maximum capacity and then whenever there was the double-track I just fully let off the gas and slowly cruised over the top track. 

You can make up the time lost by taking it slow, but you can not make up the time lost by falling down to that bottom track

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I had trouble too, if you fall in the first section you may as well start over. I used Bullseye, took those corners slow. He is a speedy bugger so if you crash you can quickly make up the time and get back in first place. And you’ll probably crash for no reason a few times. Just gotta take those two corner sections at the start sloooow. 

I really don’t get why that one track is such a huge jump in difficulty. 

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