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Proving Ground on legendary difficulty


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56 minutes ago, PrinceSamael said:

Hi everyone, do you have any tips for 3 medals in proving ground matches? It's almost easy to win in normal match, but tornado tag and ladder are embarrassing


Ladder matches mainly require luck unfortunately. Best tip I could give you is grind faction wars up to Randy Orton Diamond. You'll get Samoa Joe on the way and they're both pretty Damm good. 

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I've been finding Ruby Riddle very strong in proving grounds - strikers are fairly easy to get the points up quickly and he has the quick climb ability so can get up ladder quickly. Good running attacks too. I have been able to get through most matches with him ( he is a token award so you may need to get some tokens from Faction Wars depending on where you are) but definitely do recommend you look into him.

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1 hour ago, IchKummAusmOsten said:

Finally won all matches and got Sasha and Steve Austin Diamond 1f642.png and in 2 weeks the Plat 1f47b.png in handicap matches vs. 2 or 3, i used the kendo stick method1f602.png


What's the kendo method, I thought that was patched. Unless it still works in Proving Grounds?

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