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You can use the “distraction” action that you use to draw sniper fire at regular enemy that allows you to take them down very easily. 

what you can’t do is fire your weapon or allow their grenade to hurt / kill another enemy. 



you can use this method for any difficulty. When you use the “distraction” (which there’s a tutorial to draw the snipers fire) they kind of stun for a second giving you time to easily melee them.

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Got it last night on my 1st focused try ( i may was really lucky), anyway i wanna share some tips with all you guys that maybe are struggling with this:

- if you accidentally hit an enemy with melee that is not a stealth one it doesnt matter as long as you do not kill the enemy that way, same Apply to smoke granades hit. 

- it may be obvious but play on recruit difficulty

- if you wanna save some time there is a Glitch that can be really usefull: when you get to the 2nd floor fighting a Jager morder for the first time you will unlock the Knife ability pressing "dpad up", If you run in Front of a normal soldier and press UP you will get the prompt to stealth kill him even if you are in an open fight ( it does not work with jager morder and LMG guys). With that you can slay a lot of soldiers instead of searching them 1 by 1 around the map.

- be careful and focused on the top Bottom floor where you start, here you should be very stealth and kill all enemies. If you wanna be sure, double check the entire floor looking for enemies. If you want you can do here a back up psplus cloud save, just in case anything go wrong.

The next section is very easy with like 4 guys, nothing difficult.

Then you go on 1v1 against the sniper, nothing difficult here too, just move slowly to his back 2xtimes.

After that i suggest not losing too much time and start slaying enemies with the glitch until another jagermorder spawn.

Here things start to be funny, use the Glitch on normal soldiers and try to kill one then immediatly run away.

Use smokes for LMG guys, you can refill them like 2 times, just do not spam them, one kill and immediatly run, if you stay in the same area you will get all enemies closing you to a wall or corner.

Save the sniper as your last and 2x stealth kill him then you are done.

I took like an entire hour to make it but you can take it faster. If anyeone drop a granade restart checkpoint, if you kill anyone beside stealth kill restart checkpoint, if you shoot a bullet restart checkpoint.

If you get the prompt switch your weapon to a side gun that can be' found on dead Bodies, it just feel like you can run faster. Good luck!




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