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Having a hard time winning the endurance races? Here's a tip that might help you


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After watching some videos of them online, and seeing how different they play out for some people, I decided to look into them some more. And I think I figured out what's going on here.


The difficulty of the newly added 1 hour endurance races is seemingly affected by your race difficulty setting, albeit in a very strange way. If you set the difficulty setting to easy, the AI in the first race in Tsukuba has no trouble posting 0:58 or even 0:57 lap times, but the moment you increase the setting to normal their best lap times drop quite significantly. In my attempt with the normal setting, the AI wasn't able to get below the 1 minute mark. In fact, I was able to hold on the fastest lap of the race for quite some time with a 1:00.173 until one of the AI drivers topped me with a 1:00.025 on lap 53.


Also, on my last attempt with the easy setting, I was able to squeeze out 56 laps, finishing in 4th and 51 seconds behind the leader. The following picture shows the result of my attempt with the normal setting, where I only managed to drive 55 laps, but still won by 44 seconds and also lapped the rest of the field at least once.





So, if your race difficulty setting is set to easy and you're struggeling with this, try changing it to normal before your next attempt. I haven't tested yet what happens if you increase the difficulty setting even further to hard, so if anyone wants to test it out for science, feel free to do so.


Disclaimer: I only have access to the PS4 version of the game, please let me know if this doesn't work on the PS5 version. Thank you.

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I did wonder why I was being absolutely murdered in that first endurance, made me go bash out the circuit experiences and finish gold S license tracks instead. I’ve been slacking… 


Guessing it’s a bug which we will see listed/fixed at some point. Didn’t want it to be too easy for us to complete these.

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I don't think it's tied to the difficulty setting. It's just random. I've been playing the game on hard the whole way through. I lost the third endurance race on my first attempt, shut the game off and came back to do it again a few hours later. Suddenly I could easily win. Overtook everyone in 10 minutes and then almost lapped the whole field by the end.


So if you're struggling, just restart the game and try again. If the AI is quick again in the first few minutes, do another restart. Keep doing it until the AI is slow.

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