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There´s only one person with the plat on 4 days at this moment and with the fact that there is only one "special Event" possible per day, i am a bit confused on how this is possible.

Has anybody tried to change the clock of the ps4 for that?


FYI Diligence: Complete 10 different "Special Events"


Also, i can only assume for this website and not the whole psnetwork.

Maybe someone else also did it.


I really love this game and did some nice progress the last 2 days but damn, this trophy sucks.

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On 22.5.2022 at 6:44 PM, Gorrak404 said:

You can postpone the date in the PS options and then you can do an unlimited number of events in one day, you will move it by one day, you will get one evens, and if you move it by three days, you will get three events.

thx for the information. Wonder why only one person did it. On the other hand, this game has a very low owner count.

Pretty niche i guess.


UPDATE: Tried it and it works. Now i have to sell my soul for the memoirs trophy...

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