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What Were Your Choices In Episode 2 : Smoke And Mirrors


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So last night I finished playing the Wolf Among Us Episode 2 (which while im on the topic has a killer cliffhanger) and I am interested to see what choices you guys made? Later I will add a screenshot of my choices to this topic.


Also anyone reading this be aware there will more than likely be spoilers.


Looking forward to hear form you!

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Is it just me or did this episode lack any significant decisions to be made? I certainly can't recall any.

The choices were a lot more subtle. You still chose whether to be nice in the torture/interrogation scene, how to treat the RJ, how to get the information out of the creepo bar owner, etc. But I agree, none of it felt as visceral/life-or-death as the decisions in the first chapter, and you were never given the opportunity to really let loose like in the first chapter... I think when we play back through the whole five episodes it will flow better. I certainly liked the noir mystery a lot, and I'm really loving this fables world. 

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I feel like this episode was really short! Still, that cliffhanger at the end, geez! Telltale, why do you do this to me!? I almost cried when the little mermaid was stripper. T.T but I hope episode 3 comes out soon.


(when I say this it probably means it will be another 3 months or so :/ )

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This episode felt really short. I don't mind the HUGE wait when it comes to TT bringing out new content, just I'd kinda hoped it would be something more substantial. I'm a little biased because I'm a fan of the Fable comics, so this series really can do no wrong. But for everyone else, I'm not sure this episode is worth the price tag. 

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