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untouchable trophy


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the trophy description makes no sense. How do you beat the game without using a continue?


when you complete a chapter, it automatically brings you back to the score screen and the only option there is, is to continue or go to the main menu. How were any of you able to get this trophy?

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You have to do World 6 too. Touch the screen when the credits pop up.




There's an extra world compared to the phone version. Having gotten the achievement on the phone and the trophy on the Vita, I can confirm that it is simply to beat the game in what it considers one sitting. You CAN hit the PS button to go to the XMB. You CAN turn the console on Standby. You CANNOT close the app. You CANNOT die in any level more than 3 times (unless you pick up a 1UP). If you hit "Main Menu" after a level, it resets.

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For anyone struggling to beat the final boss for “Untouchable” or “You Are Barry Steakfries” this is a really helpful exploit I’ve come across from PST.org:

1) Kill zombies till you get to the third wave of grunts, the giants' wave.


2) Clear the wave but leave 3-4 giant zombies (for safety).


3) Go to the bottom of the map, where two horizontal wagons sit. Try to block the boss to the right side of the wagons.


4) Note that the wagons can only retain the boss + two giants at maximum, so kill the remaining giants by making them come to you by the left side (go slightly to the left side yourself so the boss stays blocked). Leave at least one giant or you'll have to deal with the most annoying wave!


5) Once done, push yourself carefully to the right side of the wagon while shooting straight to the top, to the point your shots pass aside the wagons. This should hit the boss at some point, while he's still blocked.


NOTE: The only uncontrolled part - sometimes he teleports to the middle of the map as usual and you have to go through the battle again because the remaining giants are going to die. Sometimes he doesn't, and you can deplete his full health bar without an effort. A hint would be to not hurt him too much before attempting to block him, but it's not for certain. But it works enough times to let you finish it without dying within a few tries, a real time saver.


Good luck! ? 

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