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Cross-Buy in 2022

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Hi everyone, so advanced warfare digital pro edition is currently on sale and i was wondering if i buy this will it still entiltle me to the ps3 version of the game + season pass as well? advanced warfare & ghosts had a cross-buy hybrid release and i saw a post on reddit that someone bought this version on ps4 and went back to his ps3 and found the game + season pass (free) and i want someone else to confirm this as well since i want to 100% both versions of the game, it would really suck to have to buy this twice. Any answer to this is much appreciated. 

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I bought COD AW Digital Pro Edition while it was on sale on the PS4 last month or two months ago for 40 dollars and I was entitled to both versions of the DLC on the PS3/PS4 but not the main game on the PS3. Dont take my word for it but ask someone to verify again


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