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red game names in trophy list


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No they aren't...


It just means their profile color is red.


Haha, thank you for unlocking this thread again, I was saying the same thing to myself and was in the process of sending this guy a message explaining it. I just noticed the link colors a few weeks ago, I was like "ohhh, wow... nice" haha. Nice touch Sly  :P


Just to put more details for the OP, the link colors and the border around the trophy count and leaderboard stats at the top of your profile relate to the profile color you chose for your friends list on PS3. Your profile color on PS3 is green so your profile "theme" on this site is green, same for that other guy choosing red and his theme is red on this site.


If the background area for a game is highlighted in red though, that means that game was cited as a game showing that they hacked/cheated.

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