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XIII (13.9.2022) + PS4 update


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In 2018, French publisher Mïcroids hired Malta developer PlayMagic to remake XIII, a cult classic game from 2003 based on Belgian series of graphic novels. Remake was released in November 2020 to overwhelmingly negative reviews (often called one of the worst games of 2000s). Several patches have been released in following months, but they didn't help much & the game was left in poor & broken state. In late 2021, Mïcroids hired another studio called Tower Five to fix the damage PlayMagic has done. This gameplay trailer showcases everything that was improved:


New cel shaded graphics

60 FPS/4K

Enemy AI


Added weapon wheel


Multiplayer will also be added. The game is coming out on 13.9.2022 for PS5, Switch & Xbox Series S/X. PC, PS4 & Xbox One owners will be available to download the latest patch on the same day. Enjoy!

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Wow it actually looks like it does the PS2 version justice now. I've had the remake since it released physically but never played thanks to the awful reception and how cheap it looked. Will definitely give it some time once this patch drops.

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