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You don't need to spend ANY money, time or effort on Custom Clubs


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Forget about Custom Clubs and farming gems altogether. All you need to do once you hit Rank 7 is enable the Lone Elite Setting and set it to "High" before every match (in the club/ball selection screen). That will max out your club stats and lock your ball selection to standard.

There really is no need whatsoever to work on improving Custom Clubs, enjoy! ?

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Id argue personally that Gimme mode is more helpful than this mode.


You are better off using the Big Air Clubs with a standard ball in gimme mode than you are using the elite settings.
The consistent mis hits of the AI in gimme mode gives far more flexibility in how you play even if you drive the ball shorter.

That's what I found at least 

1 hour ago, BYW4T3R5-1996 said:

Does this work better than using Gimme mode?


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5 hours ago, breakingthegreen said:

Does this work for getting Condors, it still says my yardage is sub 300 yards

Nah this wont be enough to get the Condors, definitely grab a glitched character to do this on the online course if you can 

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Late update:
Actually "Custom Clubs" made a difference, the drive was way better with proper "Custom Clubs".

Regardless, the Lone Elite Setting and everything else described in my first post does go a long way and is still helpful working towards the 100%, just not AS USEFUL as Custom Clubs.

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