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Oh man this game really bad….

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Still on chapter 3 and had to take a break. It feels like the character you control is pointless, its all about micromanagement and it just makes for a boring combat experience. In those RTS games like X-com and stuff its a fine system, but to throw it into a 3rd person shooter just seem clumsy as hell. 


Then there is the RNG element trophies on who will do a certain attack on a monster. I got to the part where you need to get the skuttleblitz trophy or whatever the hell its called, but the combat is so all over the place that I just quit the game. The QTE events are a pain too, especially when it results in a long reload.  I had to sit through the sinking in red jelly sequence three times because I didn't know when to press R1 because on other QTE events you had to wait for it to go green before you can press.


I will probably stick with it, but its clear Eidos have no idea what they're doing with these hero games, especially when it comes to team types. 


Another problem is the story itself. Not saying its bad, but unlike Batman, Spider-Man or Superman, I know nothing of the Guardians aside from the two movies, and I have no idea what big war they're talking about and why all of a sudden I have magic guns that can shoot ice. 

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