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Worth taking the plunge in the year 2022?


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I played the game on PC back then, but I really wanted to replay this masterpiece and have the Plat' on PS3. So I went on and bought the game in Feb. 2021 (2 years already jeez) and knocked out all online trophies within a few days.


It's totally doable thanks to some tips/glitches to boost to level 10. Make sure you keep track of all your wins for the Auf Wiedersen trophy.


I'd do it again if I could. What a masterpiece.

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On 7/8/2023 at 9:25 PM, Mickeyminime said:

No, if you mess up at a certain point, you could get the stevie glitch/bug which will stop you from getting 100%

That's why you keep multiple save backups. 😛 

And anyway, if you mess up during the single player, you can always restart the game and start over.

The bigger problem is with the online stuff, if you can't find boosting partners or don't have multiple PS3's and game copies.

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