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Hitman 1 locations blocked today on Hitman 2


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This morning, all the locations from Hitman 1 were blocked on Hitman 2 ps4 (I have tried 2 hours ago and right now). 

 - I have the access pass from Hitman 1 to Hitman 2. 

 - Today was the rotation day for the free destination on Hitman 3. No idea if it could be connected (since Hitman 3 exists both on ps4-ps5).

If sb is aware of this issue, I would be happy to have more info. Otherwise, I will retry tonight.



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mistake in the title
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1 hour ago, sephiroth4424 said:

There was a topic yesterday where after the ps4 update, several mentioned that their installed dlcs were deleted.

Maybe that also affected Hitman


The 10.0 firmware update has wiped the DLCs for a lot of people who install games to an external hard drive but disconnecting then reconnecting it, will fix this problem for some people. 

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