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Day 60


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I just finished day 60 and the score requirements are 60k, 76k, and 81k for one, two, and three stars respectively.


I haven’t seen anyone mention this method in the thread, but I was easily able to get 212900 points (255480 points with the 1,2x multiplier at the end of the day) by buying about 35-40 Super Discounts, 20 Slowdowns (of which I only needed a handful), and 6 Score x2. I bet I could’ve easily doubled my final score if I had bought more Score x2s, but I was satisfied with my results.


This method seems to pretty much works with virtually every stage in the game, with the only exceptions being the ones where you have to remove bombs, save babies and dogs, and scan items; in those stages you’ll need Cleanups (Laser Scanner in stages that explicitly ask you to scan items), Slowdowns, and Extra lives. Of course, you don’t need 40 Super Discounts to pass any of the stages in the game, not even Day 60, I just went in overprepared.

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