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Cashing In Trophy Glitches


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I am in the same boat here, I racked up 1,002,xxx REP and went to the garage - nothing.


On the other hand I noticed the following:
I tried to earn "Comeback Kid" (Go from last to first place during the final lap of a race and win) which did not pop for me either.
So I started experimenting with the difficulty setting and playing online / offline. Don't remeber which setting did it, but I believe the "Easy" setting was the culprit, preventing me from getting the trophy.


My advice: if you feel "Comeback Kid", "The Most Wanted" or "Cashing In" is glitching on you, try setting the difficulty to medium/normal.
I have yet to try this for "Cashing In"...


Can anyone confirm / disprove my theory?


Edit: Playing offline and on easy worked for me after all...

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Did you guys skipped the rep counting screen when the night ended shows up in garage?  The trophy pop after the count,  skip the count may cause the glitches.  Dont skip any screen till the count is done, trophy should pop after that and the game will turns to next day.  Hope that help. I got mine on easy and online all the time. 

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Yeah, this trophy is glitchy.  

I did this using the speed trap and jump in Downtown area that is recommended.  Very boring.


I had just a little over 1M rep and when I went to the safe house, I knew I was in trouble as it started calculating my rep as something like 199,000 x 5 which is a little under 1M so no trophy.  I don’t have any sort of XP/Rep multiplier that I know of.


This after I had done it before only to be flagged down by a cop and wrecked/busted as I was finding a safe house in my previous attempt.


Double ugh.


WARNING to all.  Make sure you get comfortably OVER 1M as this trophy is a little glitched.



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I have it in Medium as of right now, was nearly done with it again just to get wrecked at like nine hundred thousand something. I got Comeback Kid already, maybe I'll swap to easy and see if they blast through my car less. I didn't watch the count up screen as I was in the bathroom after I went to the garage so maybe it was just short. Regardless this trophy is glitchy af. 

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