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Glitched Trophies - is there a workaround?


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Hi everyone,


having some trouble with certain trophies not unlocking - ‘Seeing Red’, ‘Win as Agatha 10 times’ 


my wins for Agatha is currently stuck at 9/10. I’ve won matches as them after but still no unlock.


I’ve met the requirements for Seeing Red multiple times however that hasn’t unlocked as well. I’ve done the ps4 version with no issue.


For people that have encountered issues for this game is there any workarounds? Thanks in advance.


My kills are still tracking and map wins so will get them out of the way and delete my save data to see if that fixes it.

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From the Guide (LINK):



Bugged Trophies

As of the most recent update (2.70), some players report that victory-related trophies have suddenly stopped tracking. With previous reports found on the forum and other online sources, it is evident that updates have the tendency to screw up the trophies. Due to this and the issues that have sprung up with this update, every trophy outside of the platinum has a chance of becoming bugged in the future.

The only solutions that were mentioned and tested out by people with bugged trophies are:

  • Turn off cross-play, then turn it back on.
  • Deactivating PS+ sync.
  • Delete the local save file and start from scratch.

None of the remedies are a 100% solution to the issue. Keep in mind that the local save deletion should only be performed once you are absolutely sure that the remaining trophies can't be unlocked any more.


Sadly, once performed, you will be forced to repeat all the requirements needed for the trophy. There is no guaranteed way it will work the first time, and you will be forced to repeat each step for the trophy multiple times.


All you can do is pray the devs manage to find the root cause of these issues and nuke them permanently :(.

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