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Share your strategies for albatross and hole-in-one trophies here.


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On 2/14/2023 at 4:26 AM, The11thAnomaly said:

Sorry, was tired at time of posting and it sounds a lot more aggressive and accusatory than I meant to - which was not at all.


What I did mean was the combination of club and ball you had when you actually sunk the albatross. Despite it being an RNG battle for the second stroke, I was thinking if you knew what combination ultimately worked then perhaps it could cut down a lot of trial and error for the second hit.


As for the spawning comment, it relates entirely to the method described in the YouTube video by "Chris Casual Gaming" who uses Course 6, Hole 4. Apparently for this particular hole, the flag has a chance to be either on the left side of the green as opposed to the right side. His method requires the hole to be on the left, which again is entirely RNG related with a seemingly very strong penchant for right side spawn. 



TLDR: "RETRY" game option is your friend, not rewind function.

Something I also had a feeling after trying for a few hours of testing (Then later confirmed via YouTube comments) is that the "rewind" function is actually NOT your friend in this situation.

The RNG is determined the moment your golfer appears. If the RNG is not in your favor no matter how much rewinding you do your shot will be exactly the same provided you hit the shot with all the same variables. However, actually selecting "RETRY" the ball will never land in the same the spot as the previous shot with the same variables. Therefore, if you're getting close with hitting the pin, getting a small break around the hole, you can 'Rewind' to adjust power or spin like maybe the different four possibilities and then just "RETRY" and eventually the ball will go in with your variables dialed in getting close to the hole.



I spent a long time on it with the PS5, but the PS4 I did it very quickly and allowed me to grab the 7th fastest time.

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