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South Park: The Stick of Truth cutting room floor

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everyone that has followed this title knows that south park:the stick of truth had a troubled development period. here is some content that gameinformer has of deleted concepts.



Christmas Town

Mr. Hankey and his troubled family originally resided in the cheery area seen above. In The Stick of Truth, his living quarters were downgraded to a small house in the sewers.


Ginger Kid/Polly Prissypants Mission

We were shown one mission that started with Cartman lamenting the loss of his doll Polly Prissypants. He's convinced that the ginger kids stole her, and sends the new kid on a quest to retrieve her. After following a trail of doll hair, the player is taken into the woods where they encounter numerous red-headed children. 


This Thing

Apparently, this big dragon monster thing was gonna be a boss fight at one point.




The Underpants Gnomes/Crab People Kingdom

While there is a brief Underpants Gnomes-related section of The Stick of Truth, we barely saw any references to the Crab People outside of one that lived in the sewers. Original plans were clearly more extensive, as evidenced by the demilitarized zone above. It looks like plans for a cross-species war never came to be.


Hippie enemies

We fought plenty of homeless people, gingers, and every kind of Nazi in The Stick of Truth, but we never got to beat down these smelly goobers.




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