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Powerwash Simulator SpongeBob DLC thoughts.

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Not a fan of SBSP, but it wasn’t necessary to enjoy this DLC pack. It brings some new ideas and a wildly different atmosphere… I never would of thought PWS would be such an awesome game to do crossovers with…


Speaking of which… their Roadmap for 2023:


WARHAMMER 40k is next! Along with a later paid unannounced DLC. In between free DLC that expands the base game within Muckingham. Hell yeah.

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@FEARTRAIN Unless they updated it recently and I missed it - the unannounced paid DLC is set for Q3, before the Warhammer 40k DLC. So we should hear about the next DLC pack between now and September if they want to keep it in the Q3 window.


Image of powerwasher titled 'Roadmap 2023' next to all the releases and announcements we made last quarter in Q2. Q3 has the Muckingham Files logo and a level preview with free content tag, and Paid DLC. Q4 has free seasonal content and below Warhammer 40,000 Paid DLC, TBC.   *This roadmap does not include all updates and is subject to change*

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